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Hollywood Council of Civic Associations

By Terry Cantrell - HLCA President

Two Recipients of the 2013 Charles F. Vollman Award

For those of us that are active in civic affairs and participate regularly in our local civic association, we often interact with other civic minded residents in the city who also participate in their respective neighborhood associations. Currently, there are 19 recognized civic associations in Hollywood. A couple of them, (the HLCA included) are among the oldest having been organized in the early 1960s. The HLCA was formed in 1961. There is a very important umbrella group called the Hollywood Council of Civic Associations (HCCA) that was also formed in the early 1960s by the founding president of the HLCA, Herbert Freehling. Called the “Council of Civic Associations” when first organized, the current HCCA has a membership of 15 civic groups out of the 19 that are active in the city.

The HCCA serves a very important function as there is strength in numbers. The HCCA meets monthly and the Board of Directors is made up of representatives or delegates from each of the member associations. Our delegate from the HLCA is Charlotte Greenbarg who is also serving this year as leader of the HCCA. When a member civic group has a particular issue or problem that may spread to other neighborhoods and become a city wide problem, the issue is discussed by the HCCA Board at their monthly meetings. The Board will poll their respective association memberships and action will be taken in the form of letters to the City or attendance at City meetings where a formal position can be stated. Here is a copy of a 1961 letter from the then President of the HLCA to the president of the North Central Beach Association asking for support on a critical issue in the Lakes neighborhood. This letter exemplifies the outreach amongst civic groups seeking support for certain issues.

In the past, based upon the make up of the City Commission and City staff at various times, civic associations in Hollywood were sometimes discounted and our interests were minimized. Not so anymore. Thanks to the hard work and respectful approach that the current HCCA Board has adopted, we now have much more influence and say in neighborhood matters at City Hall. Much of this new “attitude” towards civic groups comes from the fairness and concern displayed by our City Manager, Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark, who has put a new level of importance in neighborhood quality of life issues. We thank Cathy for this.

Finally, for the last few years, the HCCA and the City have awarded a special recognition to certain civic leaders who have been active in civic work. Named after a wonderful civic activist from Hollywood Hills, the late Chuck Vollman, the “Charles Vollman Award” was presented to me and North Central Civic Assn. President, Cliff Germano, in June at a presentation at City Hall. I thank the HCCA for the award and hope that I can continue to live up to the high standards of civic activism that Chuck Vollman lived by.

Economic Development
HCCA Johnson Street Pilot Project
January 2013

The Johnson Street Pilot Project revolves around having the businesses between 56th Avenue and 441 engage in enhancing the exterior area of their properties. A Neighborhood Pride Award will be given to those businesses with measured improve-ments.

The Hollywood Council of Civic Associations is working in conjunction with the City of Hollywood and local schools to assist in this property enhancement endeavor which is scheduled for 2012-2013. The main categories of Curb Appeal include: Facade, Signage, Landscaping, Maintenance and Cleanliness. To get a sense of the spirit of revitalization in this important business corridor, take a look at the BBI building, and all that is going on at Mimi's properties.

Civic Associations at
City Commission Meetings
January 2013

Lawn Acres Civic AssociationTo keep the City Commission informed about Civic Assoc-iation activities, City staff has begun scheduling assoc-iation presentations on the first Commission meeting of the month every quarter. The first was HCCA in October 2011, followed by Hollywood Lakes Civic Association in January 2012, Hollywood Hills Civic Association in April, Highland Gardens Civic Association in July, Lawn Acres Civic Association in October, and Driftwood Civic Association in January 2013. The next presentation will be in April 2013. On the right is a photo of Matthew Gouthro waiting in the Commission room to make the Driftwood presentation. Below is part of the HCCA group at City Hall after the HCCA presentation.