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Code Compliance

Code Enforcement Map - Hollywood, FL

A major concern of the HCCA is the lack of adequate code compliance in the City of Hollywood. All neighborhoods have been dealing with an increase in code violations, especially as more and more residential areas are seeing an increase in the rental activity. Renters that have no ownership seem to have little regard for the City’s laws and codes when it comes to property standards. The HCCA will continue to work closely with the City of Hollywood on improving code compliance in the neighborhoods.

Vacation Rentals: Vacation or short-term rentals are becoming a serious threat to the integrity and character of our residential neighborhoods not only in Hollywood but all over the country. The City has no authority to outlaw this undesirable practice thanks to a 2011 law passed by the State of Florida Legislature that prohibits local governments from taking any action to outlaw the short-term rentals. However, in 2014, the State relaxed the law a bit to allow cities to enforce a permitting program that would include inspections for life safety and fines for non-compliance. However, many rental owners ignore the permit process and operate illegally. Vacation rental violations included loud noise and parties, illegal parking, overflow garbage, to name a few. Strangers coming into the neighborhood every week is disconcerting to full-time residents and property owners and is degrading the quality of life here in Hollywood. Until the cities regain the ability to outlaw this practice in purely residential areas, we will be stuck with this blatant commercial intrusion into our neighborhoods.


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Dr. Lawrence Shafer - Corresponding Secretary

Dr. Lawrence Shafer

Corresponding Secretary

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