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Who We Are

  • Hollywood Council of Civic Associations (HCCA)

    is an umbrella organization for civic and homeowner associations in Hollywood. HCCA was founded on the belief that our neighborhood associations can become a more effective force for neighborhood improvement when we work together toward common goals. HCCA is the successor organization to the Central Council of Civic Associations founded in the late 1960s for much the same purpose. We believe that civic and homeowner associations need a central source of dependable information and representation in order to deal with common problems. Simultaneously, HCCA provides an effective communications link between the City and the individual civic associations. Of the City's 19 civic associations, 17 are HCCA members.

    Each association designates a delegate to attend HCCA meetings. In some cases, the association president is the delegate. In others, the association president appoints a delegate. In either case, the delegate brings neighborhood information to HCCA and takes information from HCCA back to his or her association.

What We Do

  • Citywide:

    We strive to (1) support one another in improving the quality of life in every neighborhood; (2) protect the integrity of our residential neighborhoods against commercial and other damaging encroachment; (3) work together with our government officials to assure our communities have equal opportunity in capital improvements, traffic and safety improvements, beautification and other neighborhood projects; (4) have an influential voice in city planning, zoning, and development matters that directly affect our homes, our neighborhoods, and our taxes; (5) have an active role in creating and carrying out a comprehensive vision for Hollywood's future; and (6) bring together the common concerns of the different neighborhoods and serve as a productive link between all the associations and the City.

  • Regional:

    In addition, HCCA is a member of the Southeast Florida Regional Partnership. This broad-based partnership includes private sector partners; water resource, housing, environmental and transportation agencies and organizations; local governments; non-profits; human services funders; health care associations; community-based and civic organizations; academia and research institutions; school boards and other educational partners; and economic development organizations. Partnership members are committed to the sustainable development and redevelopment of Southeast Florida.