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  1. HCCA Meeting Minutes Library

    This library of HCCA meeting minutes is considered to be a private online collection of records however it is posted publicly in order to serve the thousands of Hollywood, Florida residents. These online records range from September 2004 to the current month & year. Please contact HCCA's Recording Secretary, Maria Jackson Ratliff, via email providing any questions, comments and/or concerns related to these official HCCA records.

    DIRECTIONS: To retrieve the meeting minutes from a particular month/year. Click a folder to open (.pdf form).
    NOTICE: Folders with " Meeting Minutes UNAVAILABLE " (graphic) indicates unavailable meeting minutes.
    Contact Technical Support for assistance on any document access or printing issues.

  JAN2013 FEB2013 MAR2013 APR2013 MAY2013 JUN2012
  JUL2013 AUG2010 SEP2013 October 2013 Reserved for HCCA Meeting Minutes (May 2013) Reserved for HCCA Meeting Minutes (May 2013)

  JAN2012 FEB2012 MAR2013 APR2012 MAY2012 JUN2012  
  JUL2012 AUG2012 SEP2012 OCT2012 NOV2012 DEC2012  


  JAN2011 FEB2011 MAR2011 APR2011 MAY2011 JUN2011  
  JUL2011 AUG2011 SEP2011 OCT2011 NOV2011 DEC2011  


  JAN2010 FEB2010 MAR2010 APR2010 MAY2010 JUN2010  
  JUL2010 AUG2010 SEP2010 OCT2010 NOV2010 DEC2010  


  JAN2009 FEB2009 MAR2009 APR2009 MAY2009 JUN2009  
  JUL2009 AUG2009 SEP2009 OCT2009 NOV2009 DEC2009  


  JAN2008 FEB2008 MAR2008 APR2008 MAY2009 JUN2008  
  JUL2008 AUG2008 SEP2008 OCT2008 NOV2008 DEC2008  

  JAN2007 FEB2007 MAR2007 APR2007 MAY2007 JUN2007  
  JUL2007 AUG2007 SEP2007 OCT2007 NOV2007 DEC2007  

  JAN2006 FEB2006 MAR2006 APR2006 MAY2006 JUN2006  
  JUL2006 AUG2006 SEP2006 OCT2006 NOV2006 DEC2006  

  JAN2005 FEB2005 MAR2005 APR2005 MAY2005 JUN2005  
  JUL2005 AUG2005 SEP2005 OCT2005 NOV2005 DEC2005  

  JAN2004 FEB2004 MAR2004 APR2004 MAY2004 JUN2004    
  JUL2004 AUG2004 SEP2004 OCT2004 NOV2004 DEC2004