Hollywood Council of Civic AssociationsHollywood Council of Civic Associations

HCCA is an umbrella organization for civic and homeowner associations in Hollywood, Florida.

"Hollywood will be a city for everyone, from the opulent at the top of the industry and social ladder to the most humble of working people."

Joseph Wesley Young, Jr.

Our Mission Statement

The Hollywood Council of Civic Associations is a nonprofit corporation that brings together civic associations in Hollywood so that we can work together on neighborhood issues. We are stronger and have more influence working together than if each association struggled on its own with issues that in fact are common to many of us. The Council is committed towards enhanced communications and a strong partnership with the City of Hollywood for the betterment of all residents.

COVID-19 At-Home Tests

How-To - COVID-19 Tests

Some residents who received COVID-19 at-home tests from a Broward County distribution site have questions on how to use the tests for accurate results.

New Broward County Mayor and Vice Mayor

New Broward County Mayor and Vice Mayor

Congratulations to Commissioner Michael Udine on his selection as the new Mayor of Broward County! And congratulations to Commissioner Lamar Fisher on his selection as Vice Mayor.

Vacation Rental Update by Terry Cantrell, HCCA President

Vacation Rental Update

By Terry Cantrell, HCCA President
There are a number of developments regarding the ongoing problem of vacation or short-term rentals here in Hollywood. I will review each one . . .

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